About the IMR

Microbiome research by microbiome researchers

The Integrated Microbiome Resource provides extensive expertise and knowledge on microbiome sequencing and bioinformatics. We provide the most cutting-edge sequencing technologies in a transparent fashion to academics and industry. The IMR is located at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and serves scientists from around the world.

IMR Staff

Morgan G.I. Langille PhD • Faculty, Department of Pharmacology

Day-to-day Operations:
André M. Comeau PhD • IMR Manager
Nidhi Gohil PhD • IMR Sequencing Technician
Dylan Quinn PhD • IMR Sequencing Technician
Alessi Kwawakume MSc • IMR Sequencing Technician
Dhwani Desai PhD • IMR Bioinformatics Technician